Our Services

Comprehensive lactation care, functional feeding assessments, reflex based feeding & newborn education.


Prenatal Class

Join us for a private prenatal “getting ready for baby” class designed to prep expectant parents for the “fourth trimester”.  Topics include:

  • What to expect the first week after birth 
  • Normal newborn behavior
  • Breast- and bottle-feeding basics
  • Milk production 
  • How do I do it? positioning and latch
  • Is my baby getting enough?
  • Pumping basics 
  • Postpartum recovery readiness 
first visit

Your first visit after birth

Your first visit with your baby includes:

  • A conversation about your feeding goals
  • Evaluation of your current feeding status
  • Comprehensive maternal intake including your breast health, nutrition, prenatal, pregnancy, labor and birth 
  • Baby’s intake including labor and birth, interventions, weight, stooling, breast and/or bottle feeds, overall behavior and feeding difficulties
  • Weighted feeds (in-person only visits)
  • Positioning and latching help
  • Functional breastfeeding assessment
  • Milk supply assessment and support
  • Flange fitting 
  • Postpartum care information 
  • A customized care plan
follow up visit

Follow up visits

Follow up visits are designed to make sure your care plan is working for you and your baby.  These visits are used to monitor everyone’s overall well-being, baby’s weight gain, new feeding behaviors, milk supply progress, nipple and breast health, persistent or new pain and to dive deeper into other areas often impact breastfeeding and lactation wellness. This visit often includes:

  • Weight check 
  • Weighted feeds
  • Infant structure and function (re)evaluation 
  • Advanced milk supply support 
  • Postpartum maternal nutrition support
  • Pumping 
  • Revision to care plan as needed
  • Collaborate care referrals as needed

Pumping, Weaning &
Back-to-Work Consults

Questions about your breast pump?  Going back to work? Need guidance with weaning?

Pumping consultations are a great way to make sure you are using and cleaning your breast pump correctly, to address breast pain when pumping, flange fitting, return to work strategies, bottle feeding tips, weaning off from your pump, weaning from breastfeeding, breast milk storage and handling, and milk supply management.